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Code 16, Laravel development

Quality web
and mobile development

We build since 2007 websites and mobile apps based on open source technologies, with an "artisan" state of mind: a tailor-made development that allows control at all levels.
Our customers have one thing in common: they want a solution adapted to a problem that is not necessarily standard, while benefiting from tools that make them autonomous on a daily basis.
We are located in Strasbourg, a city on the eastern border of France, but we can of course work remotely. These last years, our expertise is mainly focused on the technologies Laravel, Vue.js, Livewire, Alpine.js, Cordova... around tools like Algolia, AWS, Laravel Forge and Envoyer.

We attach great importance to the code

Our job is to understand a client's need, translate it into shared specifications on both sides and ultimately convert it into code: that's what we focus all our efforts on.
Experience shows us that this code, to be reliable and able to adapt to future needs, must be mastered (which implies to depend only on open source projects), concise (so that it remains understandable over time, and that it is simple to replace if a new need is expressed), and systematically accompanied by an automated suite of unit and functional tests (used at first write stage and even more after, to limit as much as possible regressions over the versions).

Our clients are partners

Rather than multiplying small projects and contacts, we seek to create partnerships with our clients to work with them over the long term, in order to ensure continuous maintenance to our software.

We are involved in open source

We massively use open source projects in our work, and we regularly contribute to the code of these projects when we find some part where an improvement could be made, whether by fixing a bug or adding a new functionality.
In the same spirit, we developed and maintain several open source projects, among which we should mention the content management framework Sharp:

Sharp for Laravel

Sharp is a generalist and powerful open source platform for developing content and manage data. We use it in many of our projects, to offer a pleasant and powerful tool allowing to publish pages, images, videos of the sites as well as to manage orders, products or registrations for example.

E-commerce and ordering systems

Marketplace with Click and Collect for EK France

We have been working for years with EK France, which groups 150+ stores (Ambiance & Styles and Culinarion). The main project is the platform tant powers both websites, with a full marketplace: Click & Collect and Ship from Store, online payment with multiple accounts, delivery systems, synchronization of fidelity accounts... The websites also handle gift card orders and wish list management.
Training booking portal for the Agence culturelle Grand Est

Training booking portal for the Agence culturelle Grand Est

This course ordering system handles course registration via a complex process depending on various course options and registrant type. Sharp is leveraged for content and order management.
High trafic event shop

High trafic event shop

We built, for the Centre international d’Art Verrier de Meisenthal (CIAV), an event shop for glass objects including their famous Christmas bulbs.

Rental management system

We designed and developed a web system for creating advanced quotes and monitoring orders in the context stage equipment rental, from cart to invoice, smoothly bounded with a legacy system.

Content websites

Following projects are diverse but were all been custom developed. They rely on Sharp for their content management.

Content website of Sycomore AM

We developed for the asset management company Sycomore AM a multilingual site rich in content and data, coming from several sources: a dedicated API allows to update the data of the funds and documents, and Sharp supports the management of the pages and the publication of articles.

Peugeot Invest website

This multilingual website for Peugeot Invest presents various and numerous content types, including dataviz.

Le Maillon theatre website

This multilingual website presents the current programming along with the many activities offered by this institution.

Comédie de Colmar theatre website

This website presents the current programming and archives of the theater, with the strong graphic universe developed by the graphic studio Atelier Poste 4.

Agence culturelle Grand Est main portal

Creation of the main portal of the Agence culturelle Grand Est, loaded with numerous contents and gateway to all the agency's sites and applications.

Apps / tools

Internal democracy platform for the CFDT union

Internal democracy platform for the CFDT union

Creation of the CFDT members' platform, presenting all the debates and webinars proposed within the framework of the internal democracy of the union, and allowing to register or to propose new ones. All the management of registrations, debates, proposals and content is integrated in Sharp.
Application / CRM in the insurance sector

Application / CRM in the insurance sector

We developed, for the French company Bureau 132, a contact platform for insurance brokers, allowing to manage requests for quotation through a dedicated workflow.

Live performance platform of the Grand Est

We designed and built the platform Treto, which brings together venues, companies and production offices on a map with numerous filters and search tools. The platform also offers access for publishing announcements, show calendars...

Trig, a cartographic iOS / Android app

The Domaine de la Trigalière, which rents beautiful and luxury vacation houses in a great area made of forests and lakes, asked us to create Trig, a mobile app (iOS et Android) to guide guests across the domain.

CRM, SSO, intranet tools

The Agence culturelle Grand Est (the regional entity in charge of cultural development) asked us to work on several projects, linked together by a personalized Single Sign On account system and API synchronizations. We developed a dedicated custom CRM, linked to all other tools to gather data for all contacts; we also built an intranet platform which integrates many internal tools like calendar and resource management, news feed, packages and letters tracking...

The team

Philippe Lonchampt
Philippe Lonchampt
Founder, manager and main developer of several projects.
email, twitter, linkedIn
Antoine Guingand
Antoine Guingand
Front-end developer (mobile apps, Vue.js, Alpine.js, Livewire).
Lucien Puget
Lucien Puget
Backend developer (PHP and Laravel).

Of course, when the project requires it, we surround ourselves with external skills (other developers, graphic artists or designers).
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